What is your home worth now?

 Are you curious about what your house might be worth in today’s real estate market? 

We provide 2 different options for you to learn the value of your home in today’s market.

Option 1: Free

  1. Fill out a few details about your home on this site
  2. Receive a report back from two highly qualified realtors based on market intel, comparative market analysis, etc.
  3. Please click here to begin this option:

Option 2: $300

  1. Onsite visit from two analytical Realtors, an MIT graduate, and a Harvard graduate (combined have sold over $200M in sales), and a licensed appraiser.
  2. Assessment of your home’s current market value (EquiVal)
  3. Report on how to potentially maintain your value
  4. Suggest value enhancing actions taking into consideration your current and future needs
  5. Rebate the value of the service if we sell the home for you.
  6. Please click here to Book Now:

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